America in Chungking Express & Norwegian Wood

Chungking Express, Hong Kong drama film directed by Wong Kar-wai,  shows youngsters living in a concrete jungle. In the movie, California dreaming, a song of mamas and papas, is repeated again and again, and the girl working in a snack bar dances at the song, dreaming going to California. On the other hand, In Norwegian Wood, great novel written by great writer Murakami Haruki, American pop songs and Novels always appear, while no Japanese music and literature is introduced in it. They show young guys living in Asia but baptized by American Culture. Both stories, Chunking Express and Norwegian Wood, were financially successful and are still famous in Aisa, but they are not like fancy love stories. If you look into the movie, it is just about dirty places and the tough and boring lives of normal people, and Murikami’s novel is about messed up life of young man who lost the direction of his life. But the song of Mamas and papas makes the movie romantic, and Songs of Beatles and works of F. Scott Fitzgerald make the messed up young man in Haruki’s story a seeker of truth. What did American culture means to asian youngsters in 80s and 90s?

If you know the answer, please share with me.


Calls for mercy appears to have been met with bloodshed.

Alan Henning, British taxi driver and aid worker, did not bring bibles or some of western ideas that might threaten Islamic order of society. He just brought food and water to people in Syria, just suppliers which harm nobody. Yesterday, ISIS shows video of beheading of Henning. By beheading Henning, ISIS makes other countries easier to decide to attack itself and to deliver airstrike toward its people. Every decision you makes involves trade off, ISIS needs to think seriously what they  are going to pay for beheading. Taking food and water with gratitudes from Henning would have been better choice for ISIS. If ISIS hurt their pride, it should have paid him or refused him, not beheaded him. I hope Henning have his reward in the garden of Jesus Christ, who is love.

Why I ride motorcycle?

At the moment that I am riding on the winding road, I can forget everything in the world. Money, position, or my future, nothing matters. I just focus on the road and the vibration of the bike. No excitement. No depression. Just ride. My mind couldn’t be more peaceful.

By riding my bike, I can avoid overestimating or underestimating the problems of my life. I just remind that problems are out there and doing their job but life is still beautiful. Best way to take a rest.


‘How is the world, today?’  Just a simple question, but I have no idea what to say or where to start from. Despite the education for more than 15years and several trips abroad, I am not better than my 3 months-old son in answering that question. After several years, when my son ask me questions such as “why people fight?” or “which one is bad among them in a television?”, what should I tell him? Even if I answer him, what if I am wrong? Nowadays I realize that most of lessons that I learned from my education were for tests, tests for getting higher grade, or a good job. However, the world is not like a test we took in college, neither is life. Sometimes highly educated person goes to jail for crime, and financial companies bring financial crisis. The ideas such as political ideologies and economic theories cannot save the world. In addition, People are killing each other under the name of God, who is love. Many Africans are starving, and many Americans go on a diet. No one would find solution on the matters I mentioned, but I believe that any one can find the way that he/she can make marginal changes of the world toward better direction. This time I decided to observe the complex world with complex perspective, meaning that I will try not to be with any biased simple ideas or theories from text book. I am Korean, but I decided to use English in this blog, because I wanna communicate with various people from various places. Let me take the brave first step.